Termite Control

Termidor Termite Treatment

Termidor Termite Control Treatment

D & D Pest Control has been offering termite control treatments for over 35 years. Out termite treatment experts have a comprehensive process for inspecting, exterminating, and preventing termite re-infestations.

Our Jacksonville North Carolina Termite treatment technicians use the number one termite treatment chemical “Termidor®” a liquid treatments to completely eradicate Eastern Subterranean termite activity from your infested home. Our termite technician will dig trench around the entire perimeter of your home and rod the product into the base of the foundation to create a complete termite barrier.

We will treat all plumbing penetrations through the entirety of your foundation and, if necessary, treat any crawl space or attic that may be susceptible to termite activity. The only way to fully stop termite damage is by eliminating all threats.

How Does Termidor Work?

Termidor® is highly effective because it bonds to the soil of a treated area, leaving it protected perimeter barrier for up to 10 years after treatment. It is an odor-free substance that termites are naturally attracted to. Once eastern subterranean termites come in-contact with Termidor, they carry it back to their colony and it spreads. Once the termite colony is infected, the termites die within days.

How Much does a Termidor Termite Treatment Cost?

That depends on a number of factors – size of home, number of slabs, number of chimney’s, piers, and amount of wood debris under crawlspace area. The only true way to get a price is have one of our termite technicians visit your home to give your a free estimate.