Fire Ants

Fire Ants | Fire ant treatment
Fire Ant Treatment Jacksonville North Carolina

Fire Ant Yard Treatment

Fire ants are one of the most common pests for home owners in the Jacksonville, North Carolina area.

D & D Pest Control Co offers two methods in dealing with these pests. The first is to directly treat all visable mounts by baiting them with a fire ant bait. The second method is to treat the entire yard with a liquid fire ant chemical / spray. Call (252)523-8255 for a free fire ant yard treatment estimate.

Can Fire ants be completely eradicated from your yard ? “NO”

These ants cannot be completely eliminated with methods available today in large areas of infestation like in the Jacksonville, North Carolina area. But with proper exterminating methods, we can be reduced or eliminated temporarily from around structures and key areas “play grounds, day cares, around structures, gardens”. 

Fire Ant Facts:

  • Fire ant queens may live up to seven years
  • Fire ant queen can produce up to 1,600 eggs per day
  • A Fire ant colony can have as many as 250,000 workers
  • Fire ant queen and male fire ant only mate during a nuptial flight or swarm.
  • $5 billion is spent annually on medical treatment, damage and chemicals
  • Cause $750 million in annual in agricultural crop loss
  • Worker ants generally live about 5 weeks
  • What do fire ants eat – oily or greasy foods

Fire ants infesting rubber roof