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What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a reasonable effort to disclose the condition existing on the day of the inspection – a look at your home with an experienced eye. The inspection should take between 2 – 4 hours to preform. Some items such as windows and receptacles are checked a random. A representative number of light switches and receptacles are checked. Most people hire an inspector to check Roof, Exterior, Foundation, Basement, Structure, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Air conditioning system(s), Fireplaces, Insulation, and the Interior.

The inspection does not reveal information on the concealed areas or items not visible during inspections, e.g., insulation in the interior walls, Plumbing leaks inside walls, underground – hidden conditions when seller has freshly painted home.

Home inspections are not compliance inspections for past and present codes or regulations of any kind.

Who is a Home Inspector and what does he do?

Home Inspectors are generalists with broad knowledge on many topics. Some home inspectors area engineers, general contractors, and some are not. The Home Inspector conducts a visual inspection and reports the major deficiencies and items affecting the habitability of the property. A professional inspector must be well versed in all fields of residential construction and have good communications skills. The home inspector gives and overview of the property and discloses major defects. Home Inspectors provide unbiased opinions with no interest in soliciting repair work for themselves or any particular contractor.

Does a Home Inspection reveal code violations?

NO. The inspector may have a general knowledge of local codes, but pre-purchase inspection is not designed to reveal specific code violations. The inspector could not be expected and keep up with all the codes that may be in effect over the years in all local jurisdictions. Be aware that you may not be required to upgrade your home to meet current codes until you remodel. Electrical improvements must be made to today's standards.

Is a Home Inspection an insurance policy or a warranty against future repairs?

No. Purchasing a home brings risk. An inspection cannot eliminate risk, but it discloses the condition of the home. The home inspector will never be able to predict every repair or maintenance item encountered while owning a home. An inspection does not constitute an insurance policy. It gives you an impression of the condition of the house and discloses necessary repairs. Insurance may pay for future repairs, but tells you nothing about the condition of the home.

Are there any other sources of information about this house?

YES. Information can be obtained from realtors, buildfax, county records, utility companies, appraisers, sellers sub-contractors / maintenance contractors records, ect…. No one source should be relied on when making the decision to purchase. You may have to find experts who perform more extensive tests. The inspection is not a recommendation of whether you should "Buy" or  Not Buy" the property. Home inspections do not disclose the suitability of a building for a specific purpose or function.

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